How 1st Man | 1st Woman are working as a brand to combat water pollution


The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum.

This includes using half a trillion gallons of fresh water in the dyeing of textiles.

These dyes are often discharged into nearby rivers and eventually lead into the sea.

These areas of pollution have shown a dramatic rise in diseases. Partly due to the use of highly toxic chemicals.

We at 1st Man | 1st Woman use a process where the prints are digitally heat transferred onto the fabric and are printed to size and then sewn for no pollution and less fabric wastage.

We are working to making steps to produce garments for you, that do not pollute our oceans, rivers and our seas.  We want to be a fashion brand that  creates zero landfill and production waste.

This is one of my promises to you, to our ecology and wildlife and for future generations.