My sustainable processes


I am proud to be manufactured in the UK. 

I create ecological swimwear, ethical swimwear, ecological swimwear; sustainable fashion.

I want to be known for being a brand of quality and luxury swimwear.

English handmade products are synonymous with quality and also being based in the UK we have a smaller footfall and are able to have more control over my production.

For 1st Man | 1st Woman I use a process where the prints are digitally heat transferred onto the fabric using eco friendly inks and are printed to size and then sewn for no pollution and less fabric wastage.

I am working to making steps to produce garments for you that do not pollute our oceans, rivers and our seas. I want to be a fashion brand that creates zero landfill and production waste.

This is one of my promises to you, to our ecology and wildlife and for future generations.

Hence my motto is 'Look good, doing good.'

1st Man | 1st Woman is inclusive, not exclusive. I create garments that look fabulous on everyone.

I make my garments to order, thus reducing my brands footprint and of course landfill currently a huge problem in the fashion industry.

As a sustainable fashion brand my production wouldn't be complete without completing my process with beautiful and thoughtful eco packaging. And posted to you in biodegradable postage bags.

I want to create a community and unite us all in looking after the environment.
So i am also donating 1% from each sale on this website to Plastic Oceans UK an amazing charity that is working to solve the environmental issue of plastic waste. Through education, science and sustainability programmes.